Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sex on a Goan beach?

So....would you care for some sex?

At least that is how casual and easy it is to set up an evening and 'top up your night with sugar and spice and all things nice'. Or so it would seem.

I was told that more and more 'Goan' girls are resorting to 'personal service' as a way to make some quick money. So I went about searching the internet for some leads. Sure enough, I noted a few of the mobile numbers and voila!!! I was now talking to a several sweet 'Goan Ladies' who were willing to 'escort' me for a small fee (preferably in UK pounds))

It is now apparent that 'Goan Ladies' are deeply involved in the trade. And if you still need to reconfirm, log into google and in a few clicks you will have a night to remember.

As the Goan population, how do we plan to tackle this situation? Have you done anything so far? Or do you have any suggestions on how this can be tackled? Is it only a issue for the enforecement people?

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A N Diniz said...

Well, how unfotunate yet real!. Goa has opted for "Hard Core" type tourism and such kind of tourism revolves around money, sex,drugs, wine and women. At the moment goans want "big easy money" by any means and there is no other way to earn it. Men sell drugs and liquor, politicians sell "Goa" to real estate sharks and women sell sex. These are new kinds of social customs. Our law enforcement agencies are inefficient and highly corrupt.
Only way to solve this menace is to put curbs on tourism related activities specially late night open air rave parties and bazzars.Also a blanket ban on land sales & conversions to Non-goans.

alvaresclarence said...

"ABSURD" could be just the right word for your post. I doubt the writers intentions and research oN the matter. A true Goan would definately have some decency to verify the credentials of these so called "Goan girls" engaded in sex trade . The amount of migrants who have made Goa their home from all over India and the world it self is 20 % of the Native Goans living here. These girls and their dalals could be of this non Goan population but definately not the Real Native Goans. If you urself is one of them then I would not blame you for such a degrading remarks on once fellow goans. But If you are a native and still have done this on purpose just to attract trafiic to your blog then I have no word for you.

Joao Sebastiao Manuel Honorato Menezes said...

Hi Clarence,

Thank you for your comments.

Having been born and bred in Goa, I can vouch for a 'Goan' when I hear one. Just to let you know I infact called a couple of the numbers and struck a 'deal'. Just to let you know, the person spoke in pure Konkani. A dialect popular in the northern part of Goan. We can either fake ignorance or talk about it.

Thanks for your comments nonetheless and I look forward to your inputs in future.

sumit said...

so whats wrong buddy... its upto girls if they want to make money out of sex.. actually it is good... dont pretend to be the godfather of whole female community.

Anonymous said...

i myself native goan, i just settle in goa 1 yr past after 18yrs. staying in hotels on beach side. i went in search of girls but never found. but how the fuck you found. dont try to post any comment what you feel like. may be you went with non goan they came and settle in goa for this business and spoil the name of goa.
you may also see so many baggers in goa with their small kids bagging. they enter goa because of our politician. and spoil the name of goa. outsider think goan are poor people and start clicking pictures.
if you still have their number please forwart to me

Zenden D'costa said...

Goa's name and fame has been spoiled by outsiders, Hungry politicians.
Go to the north of goa,,and one will find prostitutes without any difficulty
The politicians are blaming eachother for the mess,but no one is coming forward to clean the dirt...The kashmiris,the nepalis have become kings,,goa and the goans have lost its do we get our glory back?